Retained Competent Person

Health and Safety Competent Person Service

Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 requires every employer to appoint at least one competent person to assist them in undertaking the measures necessary to comply with health and safety legislation.

Halo offers an effective Health and Safety Competent Person Service on a retained basis to assist employers who don't have the necessary expertise in-house to fulfil this role within their organisations.

22610766_mlThis service allows your company to comply with Regulation 7 at a much lower cost than employing a full time health & safety officer. You'll be able to call upon professional support that covers all areas of health and safety management as and when you need it, and at the level appropriate to your business' requirements.

If your company works as a supplier of services to other organisations or you're seeking approval by a contractor assessment scheme such as Safecontractor you'll be required to give details of where you get your competent health and safety advice. Membership of Halo's Health & Safety Assistance service will allow you to name us as your competent persons regarding compliance with health & safety legislation, and so prove your compliance with Regulation 7 to clients, customers and regulators.

Notwithstanding the needs for legal compliance and to provide the right credentials we will help you to work safely and healthily, which has well-proven benefits in terms of reduced accidents and illness, improved workplace and equipment integrity and workforce morale.

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